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ZEON LABS T5 XTREME fat burner is ideal for those who have tried regular fat burners, but are looking for even quicker weight loss results.
 If you have already tried the original T5 fat burner, our T5 XTREME is just as potent for melting that fat away. Do you feel you need an extra push of energy to intensify your current fitness regime?
 T5 XTREME will help you achieve your ultimate goals by providing you with even more energy than regular fat burners, while also accelerating fat loss by suppressing the appetite and increasing your metabolism. 
T5 XTREME is strong and without a doubt the most powerful T5 fat burner along with our T5 original at this time. mg for mg, there are few that come close to rivalling the effectiveness of T5 XTREME. 
*High potency multi stage Fat Metaboliser 
*A synagenistic blend of ingredient that produce a multi stage attack on body fat 
*The ingredients are effective when used individually, but when combined in the correct ratios will specifically attack fat cells and reduce even the most stubborn fat deposits
You will experience increased energy and concentration levels 

- Increase Energy 
- Boost Metabolism 
- Burn Body Fat 
- Reduce Hunger 


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