ZMB6 ELITE ZMA is like no other ZMA product on the market! containing an advanced formulation of Zinc and Magnesium, ZMB6 ELITE ZMA enhances natural testosterone levels which in turn produce lean tissue growth.


Zinc is essential to various chemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis and cellular energy. Its immune system values begin with zinc's ability to regulate the production of testosterone cells. Magnesium is essential for normal heart function, transporting neurochemicals essential in muscle function and mood regulation.


ZMB6 ELITE ZMA compliments power athletes and endurance athletes for both muscle size and quicker recovery time.


Benefits of ZMB6 ELITE ZMA:

  • Promote Lean Muscle Growth
  • Improved Libido and Male Hormones
  • Helps Recovery after Exercise
  • Faster recovery time.
  •  Improved gains.
  • Growth of muscle tissue.
  • Increased strength.
  • Improved sleep.