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T6 Xtreme  (as seen in mens health magazine)​​​​​​​


✔ T6 Xtreme is the hardcore fat burner supplement

✔ Use during a cutting / dieting to get MAXIMUM results

✔ 60 Rapid release capsules - 1 to 2 month supply

✔ UK made, EU compliant, 100% safe



Fat burners are increasingly popular as they offer users the ability to restrict fat gain during a bulking phase and to notably enhance fat loss when cutting. Of all the fat burners on the market, the most popular & most heavily researched are thermogenic - which work by acting as a stimulant to increase body activity and thus burn more calories. 

T6 Xtreme not only offers the standard Thermogenic benefit of acting as a stimulant to increase body activity, but also utilises the latest research to support the actual underlying rate of metabolism - this is the process through which the calories are actually burned. Through this twin-attack on fat, T6 Xtreme enhances both the QUANTITY of calories burned and also the SPEED at which those calories are burned for maximum results. 

In a word, YES! T6 Xtreme is a potent supplement that is likely to give rapid & notable results, the research backing the exclusive metabolism support formulation is direct from the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) who are the leading regulator on what benefit nutrients actually provide. .




£19.99 Regular Price
£15.49Sale Price
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