• For Quality Lean Mass Gains
• With Whey, Casein & Brown Rice Protein
• 40g of Protein & 39g Of Carbohydrate

PhD Nutrition Pharma Gain is a delicious tasting lean mass gainer. It contains an innovative Protein blend, peptide bonded L-Glutamine and Carbohydrates. PhD Nutrition Pharma Gain is ideal for power and strength athletes.

Protein is sourced from Whey, Casein & Brown Rice Protein and each serving provides 40g of Protein. Protein contributes to a growth in and the maintenance of muscle mass and therefore increasing dietary protein intake is of particular benefit to those following a muscle gaining diet and training plan. It is rich in essential amino acids, for example L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine, derived from whey protein concentrate, and naturally occurring L-Glutamine from brown rice protein. Essential Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein, which support the creation of new tissue, and the repair of existing cells. L-Glutamine supports protein synthesis and cellular

x2 tubs phd pharma gain 2.3kg - all flavours