• Each 50g oat bake contains 22g of low-impact carbs
• Delivers 2.5g of sugar per serve, 15g of quality protein
• Authentic flapjack taste & texture

What is the Sci-MX Pro2Go Oat Bake?

Protein-based snacks offer a convenient, tasty way to boost your intake of muscle-building goodness! The Sci-MX Pro2Go Oat Bake is a deliciously light, oat-based bar that’s light and chewy, low in sugar, and packed with protein. It’s small but definitely mighty!

Supplying a wide range of world-class products, Sci-MX is a brand built through expertise; a team of professionals in sports science, physiology and human biology. They believe that every goal is unique, depending on the individual, the season, and physique aspirations. Reminiscent of a traditional flapjack, the Pro2Go Oat Bake is a superb, healthy snack choice for those on the move. Oats provide sustenance in the form of slow-release carbohydrates; this acts to refuel glycogen stores, aiding muscle function. Beta-glucans – a sub-group of fibre – is part of what makes oats so valuable in terms of their nutritional value; according to research, this is supportive of the immune system. 

The Pro2Go Oat Bake also contains 15g of quality protein to assist muscle recovery. It’s low on the sugar front, making it a more wholesome choice for active individuals. 

What makes its formula special?

• Each 50g oat bake contains 22g of low-impact carbs in the form of oats, supplying energy and helping to sustain muscle glycogen. 
• Includes 15g of quality protein to boost muscle growth and repair. 
• Delivers just 2.5g of sugar per serve.
• Has the delicious taste and texture of an authentic flapjack.
• Suitable for vegetarians.
• Multi-packs allow you to plan your snacks in advance; ideal on busy days!
• Available in a range of delectable flavours.

How can the Sci-MX Pro2Go Oat Bake help me reach my goals?

Even with the most organised food plan in place, healthy snack options can be a golden addition to your regime. They offer fuss-free replenishment before or after training, or when you need to bridge a gap between meals. The Pro2Go Oat Bake is a decidedly satisfying treat that will fill you up – and contribute to your changing physique!

Unwrap and enjoy as an elevensies, or at any other time, the munchies strike!

Who is the Sci-MX Pro2Go Oat Bake suitable for?

• Active people looking for a nutritionally balanced snack with slow-release carbs. 
• Those aiming to increase their muscle mass through clean calories and training.

Sci MX Pro 2Go Oat Bake Bar 16 x 50g Bar(s)